Personal Injury Attorney in Lake Charles, LA

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A personal injury is a traumatic, life-altering event. If you have sustained a serious personal injury, it is essential that you find experienced, effective, diligent, and honest representation when you are looking for legal advice.

Insurance companies have millions of dollars, and they do not like to give away their money. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer represent you will put you on equal footing with any insurance company. The benefits of having an experienced personal injury lawyer cannot be underestimated.

The skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer –

  •  knows how to evaluate an accident, determine who is at fault, and prove it;
  • understands the human body and knows what questions to ask about your injuries;
  • has the ability to assess the best initial course of medical treatment and, when necessary, refer you to medical specialists to fully determine the extent of your injuries;
  • Will retain necessary experts to develop and prove all aspects of your case;
  • Works to ensure that the insurance company will pay the proper amount of money for your damages.

A personal injury claim is a very stressful ordeal. Hiring a lawyer takes that burden off of your shoulders so that you can focus on taking care of yourself.

Why choose Hunt Law Firm for your for legal representation?

The most effective way to resolve issues that occur as a result of a personal injury accident is to get professional advice immediately. As a local attorney, I am qualified to provide advice and information to ensure that you can avoid actions that could jeopardize your claim for damages.

There are many reasons why the Hunt Law Firm is the best firm to assist you:

  • As a practicing attorney of more than twenty years, I have had extensive experience with the processes that must be followed in order to assure the best outcome.
  • As a native of Calcasieu Parish, I am familiar with the courts, judges, and the medical community.
  • My Lake Charles office is our only location, enabling me to concentrate my energies on our geographic area.
  • I will personally act as your counsel; your case will not be assigned to a junior lawyer or paralegal.
  • I will always put your financial interests first and will be available to you for follow up after your case is resolved.
  • I will work diligently to ensure that any mediation will not result in an unreasonable settlement offer.
  • I am prepared to take your case to trial when necessary.

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