Louisiana Law: Unattended Children In Vehicles

YOU AND THE LAW™: Due to the rash of news stories regarding unattended children in vehicles, please note the Law of Louisiana pertaining to the issue: 32:295.3 Leaving children unattended and unsupervised in motor vehicles; prohibition; penalties A. It is unlawful for any driver or operator to leave a child or children under the age… Read more »

Cell Phone Use In A School Zone

YOU AND THE LAW™: As of August 1, 2014, you can now be fined $175.00 for talking on a phone while driving through a school zone. Up to $500.00 for subsequent offenses. Section 1. R.S. 32:300.8 is hereby enacted to read as follows: §300.8. Use of wireless telecommunications devices in school zones prohibited; exceptions A…. Read more »

Bicyclist And The Law Of The Road

YOU AND THE LAW™: The local news broadcast a story about a bicyclist receiving serious injuries after being hit by a motor vehicle. Below are the laws that apply to cyclist. LSA R.S. 32:194 Every person riding a bicycle upon a highway of this state shall be granted all of the rights and shall be… Read more »

Ten Good Reasons To Expunge A Criminal Record

Millions of Americans have a criminal record lurking in their pasts, and as a result, the hardships they face can be numerous. Without a spotless background, many difficulties can occur and until you are aware of these, it might be too late. An expungement of your criminal record can help with the encumbrances that might… Read more »

How to Deal with the Elderly and Their Driving Privileges

YOU AND THE LAW™: Today’s topic is the unpleasant and sticky issue of confronting mom or dad regarding their ability to operate a motor vehicle. You may find this information helpful. LSA R.S. 32:424 sets forth the rights of the State to address the issue of whether one’s driving privileges should be rescinded. See below:… Read more »

Two Types Of Wills Are Permitted in Louisiana

YOU AND THE LAW™: There are two types of Wills permitted under Louisiana Law. Below are your two options. Louisiana Code Article 1575: OLOGRAPHIC TESTAMENT A. An olographic testament is one entirely written, dated, and signed in the handwriting of the testator. Although the date may appear anywhere in the testament, the testator must sign… Read more »

DWI & Concealed Weapon Permit Revocation

YOU AND THE LAW ™: Today’s topic is about guns and how you can easily have your concealed gun permit revoked. Louisiana Concealed Permit Laws and Administrative Rules govern: No individual to whom a concealed handgun permit is issued may carry and conceal such handgun while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled dangerous… Read more »

The Risk of Social Networking During Personal Injury Claims

When filing a personal injury insurance claim, there are aspects of social media that you should be aware of. Almost everyone uses sites like Twitter and Facebook to communicate with friends and family, but did you know that almost anyone can access your personal information and posts? When involved in a personal injury case, insurance… Read more »

Blood Alcohol Breath Samples Below .08

YOU AND THE LAW™:  Can a motorist lose their license and ultimately be convicted if they are suspected of impaired driving and they provide the State a blood alcohol breath sample below .08? The answer to both questions is a definitive YES.  A blood alcohol breath sample of .05 and below is a legal presumption… Read more »