Nursing Home Abuse

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions a family may be forced to make. Often, a family has never considered a nursing home as an option until some event occurs that makes the choice for them. Most families do not have the helping hands or the money needed to care for a loved one at home, and home health care is often found to be inadequate. More than 1.5 million elderly and disabled Americans reside in more than 16,000 nursing homes across this country. Despite the law requiring these nursing homes to take steps to attain or maintain the “highest practicable physical, mental, and social well-being of each resident,” too many of these residents are the victims of neglect or abuse by these facilities’ employees.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Any one or more of the following could evidence nursing home abuse or neglect and warrants investigation:

  • bedsores (also known as “pressure sores,” “pressure ulcers,” and “decubitus ulcers”)
  • skin rash
  • urine and/or feces odor
  • lack of attention to resident’s personal hygiene
  • falls resulting from lack of adequate precautions or assistance
  • skin tears
  • bruises, contusions, or lesions
  • bone fractures
  • significant weight loss
  • dehydration
  • depression or isolation
  • unexplained mood changes
  • fear or anxiety
  • unexpected refusal or inability to communicate
  • presence of unjustified chemical or physical restraints

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